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House of Taste

Signed ltd ed print.

Hahnemuhle Fine Art, Glycee Print, Museum Etching 350 gsm


Hairy Sensation is a bright and colourful series of painting by Jenny Boat which explore the senses we all share and experience both in interconnected ways and as our own unique binds to the world and one another.


House of Taste is a celebration of the delicious, the sour, the sweet and the bitter and all that is tasty inbetween...


This is a proud homage to the tiny little non-binary squiggly hairs that protect our bodies and give us hearing, taste, smell, sight, and touch.


Jenny Boat is a queer artist, illustrator and arts facilitator they use art as a tool for connecting people and celebrating queerness. They focus on the importance of community and try to raise awareness about the difficulties still faced by queer people. @margatepride @jennyboatdraws @sisterjoansalon

Hairy Sensation - House of Taste, ltd ed art print.

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