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Drawing & Painting in Nature Day Course for Queers 

June 29th 10.30am - 4pm

Hackney Downs with artist and arts facilitator @Finnyvodraws.


Come and join us for a day of drawing and painting in nature and we explore the many plants and trees that grow in our local park through drawing and painting. You will learn lots of skills for drawing the natural world from observation. 

This includes

Drawing with charcoal, pencil and pastels

Painting with watercolours, mixing colour and tone

Painting with natural paints which we will make together

Drawing and painting light and shadow

Learning to draw in perspective

learning to draw and paint textures in nature


You will also learn lots of new things about the nature in Hackney Downs

We will meet at the centre point at 10.30am. There will be a 45min break for lunch, please feel free to bring a picnic or there are lots of spots to grab something to eat nearby. 


Any questions please email me at:

I reserve limited lowcost spaces for people on low income or experiencing unemployment. Please do get in touch if thats you. 



Drawing & Painting in Nature Day Course for Queers, June 29th,Hackney Downs

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