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Portrait Drawing Three Week Evening Course for LGBTQ+ people and allys. 

Thursdays from 18th April 2024 With Artist Finn Yvo. 

Hackney Central.


This is an intimate drawing course held at Finns studio in Hackney and is designed and taught by Finn Yvo, they have been drawing weekly portraits of queer performers for the Thirst Trap Posters at the Iconic Queer Venue The Glory. They have also exhibited in Margate and London their work 'We Made Dens' a series of over 45 portrait paintings celebrating LGBTQ+ people in childhood. Most recently Finn has been working as lead artist on a collaborative project with LGBTQ+ artists across 7 generations using drawing to explore and celebrate queer bodies and the importance of intergenerational relationships and community. This collaborative project is inspired by and will be shown alongside the Michelangelo exhibition at The British Museum in April. 


The course is for anyone who would like to learn how to draw portraits of people. No experience is needed. 

You will learn -

- How to draw and map out your drawing to scale. 

- How to capture expression and likeness through drawing.

- How to use shading techniques to capture light and shadow as well as skin tone and texture. 

- you will learn to draw using pencils, charcoal and pastels.


We will look at lots of different portrait artists with a particular empasis on queer portrature. 


This is a space specifically for LGBTQ+ people and allays and is a relaxed and welcoming environment. Spaces are limited to 5 people per class.


@finnyvodraws studio in Hackney Central (address will be send to you when you make your booking) 

All Materials are provided. 

3 Week Evening Portrait Drawing Course - Thurs 18th April 24 with Finn Yvo.

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