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So So So Hot Hot Hot Collective, Present 'I Will Melt For You.' our debut group show at Kimpton Fitzroy Winter Garden. 

As part of our show I will be sharing a new series of pencil drawings. 

“These pencil drawings were made between 2023 - 2024 and are part of an ongoing exploration. I intend for these drawings to depict a fluid integration of masculinity and femininity and to offer a holding space where both exist in harmony with one another, transcending gender binaries. Hands, petals, thistles, seeds and tongues intertwine to create erotic landscapes
and paradoxical imagery which holds the tensions that exist between softness and aggression.”

Melt - 2023/ 2024, 42 x 59.4cm

Petals 2024, 14.85 x 21cm

Thistle tongue 2023,14.85 x 21cm

Breathe - 2023, 14.85 x 21cm

Seed 2024,14.85 x 21cm

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